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Enjoy a broad range of delicious flavors of authentic Mediterranean dips and sauces made from the freshest ingredients high in nutritional value.

Our products are a delicious and healthy alternative to commonly used condiments such as mayonnaise, sour cream, and butter, and are great for serving at parties as they are always fresh and ready to serve.

Try our thin and crisp pita chips made from fresh pita bread, our creamy baba ghanouj, tzatziki, tabouli salad, and our wide variety of richly blended hummus flavors from roasted garlic, avocado and cilantro, and much more -- all made from the freshest ingredients.

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You can buy our products at your local Costco supermarket and your local Farmers Market.

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Market Research Analyst: rsrch & analyze mrkt data on food manufctng & dstrbtn to dvlp & coordinate prgrms; study data & cnsumr prfls; rsrch mrkt cndtions, such as imprvng & adding new locations; plan & dvlp mrktng plans, prpare rprts of findings & suggest advrtisng policies & promotnl plans; inspect layouts; monitor & analyze results; & comparing cost of advrtisng & rate of return.

Min. MBA Req. 9am-6pm, Mon-Fri.
Salary $38,500 per yr.

Baba Foods, Inc. loc at
21610 Lassen St., Unit #4,
Chatsworth, CA 91311.

Please send resumes to Recruitment and Employment Office
Attn: Job Ref#: BAB88327,
P.O. Box 56625, Atlanta, GA 30343


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